Personal Accomplishments

Curious Origins:
guy running

Collaboration with a cognitive scientist on a 3D game called Curious Origins (Bands have self-titled albums all the time - there's no rule saying a game and studio can't share the same name).

This game will be built on top of my Void Control framework. The end goal is a free Android (and PC) game designed to teach children, or adults, the benefits of the scientific method and informed decision making. Unlike other educational games on the market, the lessons will be subtly integrated into the gameplay.

An example quest would involve the player searching for a lost dog:
  1. Search for clues (make observations).
  2. Make an informed guess about where the dog could be (form a hypothesis)
  3. Try to find the dog (test hypothesis)
  4. Revise guess based on new information (use evidence to form new hypothesis)

In the game, the player's first guess might be wrong. From these failures, they will gain more clues and use them to form new guesses. Unlike mainstream educational games which give players overt descriptions of the material and quiz them on it, Curious Origins gives players a simulated environment where they will be able to practice scientific thinking and learn the value of using credible sources for information.

Lauren Williams MS

game box cover

Chess + Cards = Chards.

The artwork in Pawney's Wrath is based on a board game. The game is a modern-take on chess with several new features:
  • Resource management
  • Hidden moves
  • Multiple moves per turn
  • The option to have more players
Will you save your resources, spend them on new pieces or infrastructure, or use them to defend against possible attacks during another player's turn?

Anticipated release date: Summer 2021

Happy Birds:
guy falling with dead birds

You are falling through the sky and your parachute failed to open! Try hitting as many birds as you can on the way down to slow your descent.

This game was one of my very first (C++ and SDL). The Windows binary doesn't work anymore, probably because 32-bit Windows was more popular when the game was compiled. Thankfully, we live in an age with HTML5, so now it runs on everything.

Character from my game